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“If elected, I promise to support safe, clean, livable neighborhoods. Just as I have on the Poudre School District Board of Education, I will be a strong voice with innovative ideas to create solutions and will work to keep Fort Collins great. I pledge to work collaboratively for our community.”

RAMHaving lived in District 1 for close to 40 years, I am not a newcomer to Fort Collins.   I have seen our mid-sized town grow into a vibrant city where everyone seems to want to live.  When we move here, we were considered to be in the south part of town. Now we are called “Midtown.” While growth is inevitable, it can also be managed.  Our municipal leaders have done an excellent job of planning for the future. The result is a city that continues to appear on multiple lists as “one of the best places to live.”  Growth is inevitable, and It will be my job as your council person to protect the quality of life that we currently enjoy in Fort Collins and make sure our neighborhoods are safe, clean and livable.

District 1 has its unique and diverse qualities.  We are home to the charming “Tres Colonias” neighborhoods, multiple micro-breweries, the new Woodward Governor campus, Budweiser, EPIC, many parks, trails and natural areas, excellent schools, thriving businesses and the proposed MONTAVA development to the northeast. Through it all runs the majestic Poudre River—the jewel of Fort Collins.  We are the district with the greatest amount of undeveloped land, and we must be vigilant about managing our growth through mindful decision-making, while ensuring that our businesses prosper. Strong businesses are the foundation of our economy.

Clean air and water, a living wage and access to healthcare and good schools, and a strong economy--these are all important basic needs.  As your council person, I will work hard to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Like you, I am proud to call Fort Collins home.  I would be honored to have your support for City Council District 1.